ERTC Can Improve your Restaurant's Cash Flow

Restaurants + ERTC = Perfect Fit

Rockerbox Helps Restaurant Owners Improve Cash Flow with ERTC

Restaurant owners from across the United States chose Rockerbox to execute the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program.

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ERTC could improve business cash flow up to 40%

Stop Self-Diagnosing your ERTC Eligibility

Many restaurants are eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) due to state, county, and/or local government shutdown orders impacting their normal operations in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid.

Within 15-20 minutes, the tax credit experts at Rockerbox can help you determine if your restaurant is eligible to participate in the ERTC program.

Even if you participated in the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or the Restaurant Relief Fund (RRF), your restaurant may still be eligible to participate in the ERTC program.

  • Fast Casual
    Fast casual restaurants have high-eligibility percentages. Most state and county government shutdowns have significantly impacted fast casuals revenue and normal operating protocols.
  • Fine Dining
    In-dining restrictions were put in place by many state and county government orders. Also, fine dining establishments were forced to eliminate other revenue streams like catering and hosting events.
  • Buffets
    Many buffets were simply banned from operating in many states and counties for most of 2020. Even if your restaurant has other revenue streams and in-dining options, you might be eligible based on your buffet revenue streams being significantly impacted.
  • Catering
    Catering vendors have been decimated since the beginning of Covid with both state and county governments significantly restricting the gathering of friends and family.

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Our Experience With ERTC

Rockerbox fees are 100% contingent upon our team capturing credits.

Our team has captured more than $200M in credits though ERTC.

Average tax credit per eligible employee through ERTC

ERTC submissions to the IRS

Fast Casual Restaurant Captures
More Than $600,000 Through ERTC

Improper Eligibility Diagnosis
This restaurant owner was originally diagnosed as “ineligible” for ERTC by their national payroll company. After reviewing the facts, Rockerbox provided documentation to support this restaurant’s ERTC eligibility.

Comprehensive Analysis
Rockerbox requested thirteen items from the restaurant owner in order to calculate the credits. In all, the calculation was completed in less than three weeks.

Capture Tax Credits, File Documentation with IRS
Rockerbox completed the analysis and filed the appropriate documentation with the IRS. This particular client captured more than $600,000 in credits.

Improve Cash Flow
Since the ERTC is a fully-refundable tax credit, the owner of this restaurant improved cash flow by more than 15%. Imagine getting that much cash to reinvest and grow you business!

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