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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was introduced to encourage employers to provide cost-effective, prompt and suitable health benefits to full-time employees.

While this law sounds simple, it comes with a host of requirements for employers to abide by, including providing coverage for the right employee at the right time, all while tracking and reporting this information to comply with the ACA to avoid IRS and state agency penalties. The Supreme Court has ruled multiple times stating ACA reporting is not going away. It’s critical to get 100% compliant now before you get hit with penalties.

Trust Rockerbox for Your ACA Compliance Management

Thankfully, Rockerbox takes all the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Our comprehensive ACA Compliance solution provides protection against stringent requirements by the IRS. Our failsafe alert system, ease of compliance, and facilitation of paperwork takes all the burden off your team, and insures your company meets ACA compliance.

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Just 8 minutes a month for complete ACA compliance!

No ACA Knowledge Required
Not only is our system highly intuitive with simple benefit enrollment workflow but it only takes eight minutes a month to maintain your compliance.

1094/5 Report Generation
1094/1095-C is a snap. Indicator codes are auto populated, forms are previewed and pre-validated, and also editable saving critical time and labor.

Automated Report Processing/e-Filing System
Federal and State e-filing is now a breeze and our Mass Assignment feature lets you offer insurance to one or even thousands of employees with just a few clicks.

Automatic Active Alert System
Our alerting system informs you exactly when qualified employees become benefit eligible.

Custom Measurement and Look-Back Period
All IRS approved measurement look-back periods are available.

ACA Compliance at a Glance

Everything You Need for Compliance

  • Low Monthly Time Investment
    A system that is so automated it takes only Eight Minutes a Month to manage
  • Electronic & Automated Reporting
    ACA compliance is automatic
  • Simple Benefit Enrollment Workflow
  • Significantly Reduced Costs
    Reduce your internal costs. In some cases you may be able to even eliminate FTEs!
  • Reduced Paperwork
    Stop drowning in unnecessary paperwork and manual reporting.
  • Federal and State e-filing
  • Protect Against Penalties
    Our system provides you with confidence that you are using a system that affords you the absolute best protection against ACA Fines and Violations
  • Simple Integration
    Easily integrates with Rockerbox Payroll

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If the ACA tax provisions are stressful and time consuming, contact Rockerbox today for a simple ACA compliance solution.

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What is ACA compliance?

ACA compliance is the process of ensuring businesses are providing affordable health insurance options with minimum essential coverage and minimum essential value, if they are required to do so. This is done through notifying employees of the coverage and benefits available to them, usually through a “summary of benefits and coverage” document. It also involves sending confirmation each year by sending IRS Form 1095-C to both the IRS and the employee. The IRS should also receive Form 1094-C.

Which businesses have to comply with the ACA?

Most requirements in the Affordable Care Act employer mandate apply to employers with 50 or more full-time employees and/or full-time equivalent (FTEs). There are some requirements for all sizes of employers, however.

What is the penalty for non-compliance with the ACA?

ACA penalties for non-compliance depend on the violation.