Improve Cash Flow, Up To 40%

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Provider

WOTC Optimization Program

WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) is a federal tax credit available to business employers, both large and small. The credits are designed to offset Federal income tax liabilities. When the WOTC program is executed the right way, employers can capture enough tax credits to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, their Federal income tax liabilities. (And if your business was formed using a flow-through-entity, like a S-corp or LLC, then the credits could flow-through to the owner’s K-1).

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Improve cash flow up to 40%

WOTC Target Group

Executing the WOTC program is simple and easy with the right provider. Rockerbox screens an employers new hires to determine if the new hire satisfies one of nine criteria. If the new hire satisfies one of the criteria, our team of tax credit experts work with specific government agencies, behind the scenes, to capture the tax credits.

WOTC Benefits

Once captured, tax credits can be used to eliminate Federal income tax liabilities and thus improve cash flow.

As an owner, you can walk into your ownership/investor group, or board, and tell them you have created additional cash for the company without eliminating expenses or adding new products/solutions. With cash in hand, you can use the cash to grow the business.

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Did You Know?

Of new hires potentially eligible

Per eligible new hire on average

Increase in your business cash flow

No Limit
To the amount of credit available

WOTC Target Groups

We use automated, stupid-simple technology to screen new hires in order to determine if they satisfy the criteria on one of these nine (9) WOTC Target Groups.

up to $9,600

Unemployed and Disabled Veterans could be worth between $2,400 – $9,600.

up to $9,000

Recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) can be worth between $2,400 – $9,000.

up to $2,400

Recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or Food Stamps) can be worth up to $2,400

Designated Community Residents
up to $2,400

An 18-30 year old who lives within one of the federally designated Rural Renewal Counties.

Vocational Rehabilitation Referred
up to $2,400

An individual with a disability who completed or is completing rehabilitation services from a certified State or Federal agency.

up to $2,400

A convicted felon who has a hiring date which is not more than one year after the last date of conviction OR released from prison.

Summer Youth Employees
up to $1,200

Individuals have to reside in the designated Rural Renewal Counties or other historically certified distressed county/area.

Supplemental Security Income
up to $2,400

A recipient of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for any month ending during the past 60-day period ending on the hire date.

Long-term Unemployed
up to $2,400

Individuals who have exhausted their regular unemployment compensation )the first 26-weeks of unemployment benefits, or slightly over six months).

WOTC Eligibility

Don’t Think Your Business Hires
WOTC Eligible Employees?

  • Trucking
    25% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $2,500
  • Temporary Staffing
    30% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $1,750
  • Restaurants
    25% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $2,150
  • Manufacturing
    25% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $2,150
  • Healthcare
    8%-10% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $3,200
  • Professional Services
    6%-8% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $3,400
  • Warehouse
    30% Eligibility Rate
    $2,150 Average Tax Credit
  • Food Processing
    20% Eligibility Rate
    $2,500 Average Tax Credit
  • Skill / Trades
    30% Eligibility Rate
    Average Tax Credit $1,950

Easy to Implement WOTC

  • Increase cash flow
  • Lower recruiting expenses
  • No risk cost structure
  • Low time investment
  • Electronic WOTC screening
  • Online reporting tools