Improve Your Golf Course's Cash Flow up to 100%!

Golf Course Bundle

Made for golf course owners, the Rockerbox Golf Course Bundle is here to help. With recent inflation driving up costs and the pandemic’s impact still lingering, our bundle simplifies things by keeping your cash flow steady with a single provider for your needs.

Our user-friendly onboarding and payroll systems make it easy to implement tax credits and cost-cutting programs that can potentially double your cash flow (up to 100% improvement). Once set up, these programs run automatically in the background, saving you and your managers valuable time and effort.

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Unlock Your Golf Course’s Cash Flow

  • Improve Cash Flow up to 100%
  • No Heavy Lifting
  • Flexibility: You select the solutions that work for you
  • No Call Centers
  • Dedicated Client Success Managers

The Golf Course Bundle

What’s Included

The Rockerbox Golf Course Bundle offers a flexible approach. Need to boost cash flow, claim tax credits, or simplify payroll? Our bundle can handle it all, allowing you to pick the features that best fit your course’s specific needs.

A Turnkey Solution for Golf Courses

Payroll Drives Bundle

Converting is Easy!

  1. Sign Golf Course Bundle engagement letter
  2. Sign POA for tax credit administration
  3. Provide payroll history
  4. Attend kickoff call
  5. Go live!

From your clubhouse to your fairway and everything in between, our Golf Course Bundle will assist with finding valuable tax credits, decrease payroll costs, and improve cash flow.

  • Payroll
  • WOTC Screening
  • EZ Tax Credits
  • FICA Tip Credits
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Cost Segregation

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WOTC Screening

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax credit that helps drive employment by putting disadvantaged workers back to work. WOTC benefits are available to golf courses who hire individuals from one of nine targeted groups who frequently face barriers to employment. The amount of WOTC credit an employer receives is based on the amount eligible employees earn.

Benefits of WOTC Screening

  • 20% of employees are potentially eligible
  • Receive $2,150 per eligible employee on average
  • WOTC can increase cash flow up to 40% alone
  • No limit to the amount of credit available

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R&D Tax Credit

The Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit can be a valuable incentive for businesses engaged in qualifying research activities. While it might not be obvious, golf courses can qualify for the R&D tax credit, depending on the nature of their activities.

R&D Tax Credit Examples for Golf Courses

  • Developing innovative food recipes or beverage formulas that require experimental techniques.
  • Implementing new food preservation techniques or kitchen technologies.
  • Experimenting with new food production or cooking processes to improve efficiency, sustainability, or quality.
  • Developing gluten-free or allergen-free versions of traditional dishes, which require significant testing and experimentation.

Routine activities, such as standard meal preparation or regular kitchen operations, do not qualify.

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Cost Segregation Evaluation

Knowing the amount of equipment, improvements, and structures a golf course has, owners should consider an Cost Segregation Evaluation. Whether you are building, remodeling, or expanding, a cost segregation study can help increase your cash flow. Many owners do not take advantage of these provisions and end up paying federal and state income taxes sooner than they need to.


  • Reduced tax liability
  • Improved cash flow
  • Enhanced financial performance
  • Accelerate depreciation
  • 30% average reclassification

Common Assets

  • Golf carts
  • Lawn mowers and landscape equipment
  • Reservation and membership systems
  • Building structures
  • Interior improvements
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Decor and signage

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Golf Carts
Golf Clubhouse

Shorter depreciation periods lead to cash flow improvement

Standard depreciation: 39 year schedule

$50,000 interior improvement would normally result in a year 1 depreciation of  $1,282.

$50,000 in equipment would once again result in a year 1 depreciation of  $1,282.

With Cost Segregation: 5, 7, and 15 year schedules

The same $50,000 interior improvement depreciated using our comprehensive cost segregation study leads to a year 1 depreciation of $6,666.

$50,000 of equipment depreciated over 5 years results in a year 1 depreciation of $20,000.

Payroll service

Payroll (optional)

  • Full-service automated payroll
  • All federal, state and local taxes automatically calculated and paid
  • Free electronic W2s
  • Automated garnishments
  • Insta-Pay and branded pay-cards
  • Time clock included
  • PTO management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Payroll funding (up to 90-days)
  • Same day ACH
  • Many additional features you expect to have

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The Golf Course Bundle can improve your golf course’s cash flow up to 100%

No Heavy Lifting.

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